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I'm Taylor (Tayls for short.)

I am a relationship-based trainer, and my passion lies in the natural world around us. I'm an avid hiker, beachgoer, tree-hugger, and dog-lover. This has driven me to obtain a degree in biology in hopes to save the world one day. Although I still feel that passion, I've realized that my true niche lies with dogs. My dream is to intertwine the two fields and Tayls N Trails is just the beginning.

I've always been obsessed with learning about the how's and why's of dog behavior. When I rescued Stella, who's 5 years old now, I read, researched and practice training techniques. I decided I wanted to start working with dogs and got a job at a local doggie daycare. While working there I realized many of the dogs were anxious, stressed, excitable, and overall unbalanced. I wanted more for the dogs of Boston.

Thats when I founded Tayls N Trails 3 years ago. Up to this point, it has been a dog hiking/Training service. I feel dogs need to be outside, hike, sniff, play, and be.. well.. dogs. With that being said I realized that they still needed more. Since Tayls N Trails has opened, I've worked with other trainers, shadowed trainers, have kept up on my education through seminars, and have the qualifications to sit for the CCPDT Certification Test in March 2024!

I have been hiking and training dogs for 5+ years and have finally purchased a dog training facility. I've also adopted another dog Nash, a 4-year old chocolate lab. He was being rehomed with a bite history from resource guarding. In the past 6 months, Nash has thrived with the training routine I've implemented to curb his bad behavior. Stella and Nash thrive with Tayls N Trails and participate in our services every single day.

Bottom line, teaching people and dogs to have healthy relationships with each other while having fun and being part of our natural environment is my passion. I believe a tired, fulfilled dog is a happy dog!


I hope you join us in this life-long journey!

  We do the work, so you can enjoy the cuddle! 



Our canine companions, as instinctual beings, find themselves navigating a world that is inherently unfamiliar. It becomes our duty to guide them through this foreign environment, all the while ensuring their safety and enrichment. Unlocking the full potential of our dogs’ abilities forces us to tap into their natural instincts as canines. Examples are hunting, running, migrating, learning, and resting. Through the implementation of exercise, structured routines, boundaries, positive reinforcement, and a bunch of love, we can cultivate a harmonious life alongside our cherished companions. Join us on our journey!



Our goal is to provide a comprehensive training plan that mixes exercise and obedience to mold your dog into a more balanced best friend! On a mission to enhance the overall wellbeing of dogs, we work to create meaningful moments that provide mental stimulation, physical exertion, and true fulfillment for our beloved companions.

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