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I'm Taylor (Tayls for short.)

My passion lies in the natural world around us. I'm an avid hiker, beach-goer, tree-hugger, and dog-lover. This has driven me to obtain a degree in biology in hopes to save the world one day. Although I still feel that passion, I've realized that my true niche is with dogs and my dream is to intertwine the two fields. Tayls N Trails is just the beginning.


I love to learn about science which has driven me to research a great deal of the "Pack Mentality" of our beloved pups. Worried that your dog will leave the pack and become friends with a local wolf pack? Not to fear, I slowly integrate each dog into the pack using a training leash to practice guaranteed recall. My success story is told through my 2 year old Pittie-Blue Heeler mix, Stella. I've incorporated training techniques into the Doggie Adventures. This is where my Dog walking story begins.


 While working at a local doggie-daycare (an environment that some dogs thrive in) I noticed many of the high energy dogs became anxious and developed poor behavior due to lack of exercise and attention. I've spent years researching and observing dog behavior and practicing training techniques. Throughout my journey as a dog hiker to a dog trainer I've learned a lot and I've taught a lot. Let your pup become a part of our success story!  

I hope your four-legged baby can join our pack and experience all that they deserve while we learn and explore together!!  

  We do the work, so you can enjoy the cuddle! 

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