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Agility Training

We travel to you!

Whether we come to your yard, or a local park, Tayls N Trails will set up the agility course at a convenient place for you!  Agility provides a source for your dog to expend pent up energy. The obstacles force your dog to use their mind and body to complete each task presented. Because of the problem solving skills involved in learning the agility course, your dog will build confidence upon completion and have a positive sense-of-self ultimately feeling fulfilled. The mental stimulation paired with the physical exercise leaves your dog exhausted and happy! A confident, fulfilled, tired dog makes for a very friendly and happy companion! Check out our classes:



  • Six Week Program:     

       1-on1 agility training sessions with your dog. Your dog will learn         to jump over fall away jumps, jump through hoops, go through           tunnels, conquer the weave poles, and climb over contact                   obstacles. After the six weeks your dog will be more confident,           fulfilled, have better focus, and your bond will be stronger than           ever! 

  • Solo 1-on-1 session:                 

       One hour session for your dog to learn the basics of agility. This         option is for owners who want to get their dogs paws wet in the         agility world without the commitment!!

  • Pop-up Group Agility Classes: 

       There will be Group Agility Classes at various locations EVERY             SATURDAY from 12-2. At these events, we will teach on leash             agility through each obstacle starting from the very, very basics.         This is a good option for people who want to see what Dog                 Agility is all about and can be a good opportunity to socialize

       for your dog and you!

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