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Doggie adventure

Work and play guilt free knowing your fur baby is in the best hands with Tayls N Trails 


We offer a day of fun, hiking through the woods, swimming in lakes and oceans, and fetching in big fields. 

During our outings you can put your nerves at ease knowing your dog is being trained and learning how to respectively be off leash and one with their natural environment within the pack.

The dogs engage in proper play, socialization, and many natural stimulants within these hikes which fulfills them physically and mentally!



Pick-up  8am-11am

Drop-off  1pm-4pm

doggie slumber party

While you're on vacation let your pup take one too! 

We make your beloved friend feel at home while they enjoy the comfort of ours. 

Your dog will be able to tag along for daily hikes and receive lots of snuggles at the end of the day.

Stella and I are great hosts!

55$ per night

* While your dog is boarding, have them join our group hikes Monday-Friday for only $15/day 



  • Group Puppy Obedience and Socialization Training (3mo-11mo)

  • Agility Training                           Traveling Agility course either to your backyard or a park near you! Click the link to check out our programs and offers!     

  • Board N Train                                            2 week training program to give your pup a very solid foundation in 8 commands needed to develop a well rounded dog.          

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