We offer a day of fun, hiking through the woods, swimming in lakes and oceans, and fetching in big fields. 

During our outings you can put your nerves at ease knowing your dog is being trained and learning how to respectively be off leash and one with their natural environment within the pack.

The dogs engage in proper play, socialization, and many natural stimulants within these hikes which fulfills them physically and mentally!



Pick-up  8am-11am

Drop-off  1pm-4pm


Slumber Party

We make your beloved friend feel at home while they enjoy the comfort of ours. 

Your dog will be able to tag along for daily hikes and receive lots of snuggles at the end of the day.

Stella and I are great hosts!

45$ per night


-hikes included


-1 bath per week of boarding included if wanted.



1 on 1 


Positive reinforcement based training. 

  • In Person                      A 1 on 1 training lesson focuses on owner-dog relationships by coaching and guiding you to train and apply these techniques in your day to day with your dog. These sessions also address any issues that you feel need to be worked out.

  • Online                           Our online lessons involve setting a training regimen for you to practice with your pup. These lessons will teach you the do's and don'ts when dealing with everyday obedience. Online lessons also give you a good opportunity to ask questions in the moment.


board n train

We combine obedience, exercise, structure, and play to create the foundation for a well-balanced dog. This program is integrated with daily hikes as the trainer sees fit for each individual dog. The hikes provide socialization and exposure to many dogs, people, and different terrains. The more diverse exposure a dog receives, the more likely the dog will be comfortable in different situations.

During the two weeks, your dog will practice intense obedience in all situations including in the home, in the woods, and also in public places. The program is designed to build basic obedience in the home to perfection and to translate them into a world of distractions. The goal is to encourage a dog to have a purpose and a sense of self worth. This program gives the foundation your pup needs to build and to grow upon.