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Board N Train

We combine obedience, exercise, structure, and play to create the foundation for a well-balanced dog. This program is integrated with daily hikes as the trainer sees fit for each individual dog. The hikes provide socialization and exposure to many dogs, people, and different terrains. The more diverse exposure a dog receives, the more likely the dog will be comfortable in different situations.

During the two weeks, your dog will practice intense obedience in all situations including in the home, in the woods, and also in public places. The program is designed to build basic obedience in the home to perfection and to translate them into a world of distractions. The goal is to encourage a dog to have a purpose and a sense of self worth. This program gives the foundation your pup needs to build and to grow upon.

one-on-one training

Puppy Classes

One-on-One Training lessons are as much for the owners as they are for the dogs! 

During these 1 hour lessons, we will teach your dog basic obedience, manners, and work out any problems specific to your pup!

We design our lesson plan based off of your goals with your dog. Not only will your dog be trained, but you will learn the do's and don'ts of training while bonding with your best friend!


Does your new puppy need to make some new friends while learning polite greetings and other manners?  


Join us for Puppy Classes!!


 Your little one will have the opportunity to socialize with other puppies just like them!


 Not only that, our classes teach your dog to focus, sit, down, food manners, door manners, and many more cues!

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